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Tube Treasures#6 The String Tones


The mad Annaabee-Nox

Merry Christmas all! Here is a killer tune, “I’m mad again”, with the fabulous Annaabee-Nox playing live on Swedish Radio.

Come on Moonjacks!

Moonjacks began playing already in 1962 as The Currents and hailed from Stockholm. In 1965 thew won two pop competitions at Johanneshov and Nalen and got a record deal with Decca. The first single includes two great songs in quite different styles. The A-side’s Come on is rolling down like a commuter train leaving the station and I remember her smile is just one of those great melodies from the 60s. Moonjacks kept on for two more singles before they spilt up in 1967.

Tube Treasures #5 Cheers

Madmen, the hillbilly mods

Madmen started out as a surf pop band, pretty unusual in Sweden. Maybe it was the waves from the Baltic Sea on the coast of Nynäshamn that influenced the band. “Alfred E. Goes Surfin” is a classic tune that can be found on the first single. But on their second release, both on the small label Dollar, the songs have more the smell of leather upholstery in a 50s Chevrolet. But for some reason it has so much charm. Like the noisy sound and the art of bringing together hillbilly and mod. Madmen was formed in 1964 and dissolved three years later. There were plans to record an album, but unfortunately it stopped at that stage. Below you can listen to the second Dollar release.  “Words” is a beautiful and sentimental song worth playing again and again.

The Merrymen story

The Merrymen came together in 1965 and had instantly a huge success when they won a pop competition that gave them the epithet; the Rolling Stones of Sweden. In second place came Friends and in third place Girlsboys. First price was to play with the Stones on their tour in Sweden. Bill Öhrström did the vocals, Perre Brickman played bass, Åke “Budda” Berg did the drums, Bo Hansson, Leif Sundberg and Birger “Biggen” Sivertsson all played guitar. The band had a rough rhythm & blues sound, by chance, it sounds quite similar to Rolling Stones. Bill was one of the few singers in Sweden at this time that could handle the English language becuase of his former studies overseas. Merrymen did not even exist a year but managed to release two singles on the label Karusell and one song on the Swedish magazine Bildjournalens flexi compilation. On their second and last release they were joined by Boz Scaggs who later became a member of the Steve Miller Band. When The Merrymen was history Bo Hansson bought an organ and played his first gigs with Bill Öhrström on drums before Jan Carlsson took his place. Hansson & Karlsson saw the light, and Bill produced their debut LP “Monument”. Bill was also asked to sing in a British band but turned them down, it was The Who. Below you can hear Merrymens first single and the track from the Bildjournalen compilation. “Walking Down Lonesome Road” is one of the Swedish 60s best songs, indisputable.

Tube Treasures #4 Remember the We 4

This is just an amazing clip from Sunday the 6th of February, 1966. Filmed by the fanclub presidents to We 4, Gunilla and Monica,  at Johanneshovs youth club in Stockholm. It shows Hans Edler, one of Swedens most innovative mucisians, playing around at the club and the band playing live. The song is “Remember” that placed the group high on the Swedish charts Tio-i-Topp and Kvällstoppen. We 4 also performed this song live in the television show Drop-In in 1966. It’s just a beautiful tune, a proof to Edlers talent as a songwriter in the 60s. The group released three singles and one LP before they split up the same year as their success had begun. Hans Edler later released Swedens first record with electronica and is today touring around Sweden with his 60s nostalgia shows.

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