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Tube Treasures #12 Gonks

Starting up with the great “In A Persian Market”, not mentioned in the clip, and after that is their “Going Round”. Both songs was released on the single G*P records (GPS 1005)


The X in Rabatt

This is some really obscure heavy psych. And just like the band Drugs no one seems to know who those three guys in Rabatt were and where they came from. If someone knows anything about the band, please tell us! A beautiful instrumental song which grope forward and almost gets lost when an amazing echoing fuzzy guitar breaks loose.


Sleepstones with a nameloser

Sleepstones with their version of The Yardbirds “I Ain’t Got You”. Recorded live for the Swedish Radio show “En poppig halvtimme” (A poppish half hour) and probably broadcasted in 1966. At this time the guitarist, Janne Schaffer, was doing his military service and was replaced by Johnny Andersson from the Namelosers. You can hear Johnny’s fuzzy guitar shaking every inch at Studio 2 in the Swedish Radio house. Sleepstones was formed as early as in 1962, but the band we can hear from this live performance has no original Sleepstones member in the set-up. But still, this is the most famous band setting with Ted Åström, P-O Alm, Per Sahlberg, Hans Lundqvist and Janne Schaffer, except that he’s been replaced by Andersson for this gig. The band did five singles before they changed their name to Attractions after some problems with their manager. Before that they had been on the Swedish chart at two times and released some of the most intresting songs of the time, for example the self-composed “It’s the same old thing”.

The Deejays live at Tonårskväll

Deejays came to Sweden from England in 1963 as a result of the exchange program between the two countries. If a English band wanted to tour in Sweden a Swedish band was sent over to the British Islands to do a tour as well. Deejays didn’t just make that tour but stayed in Sweden for over five years. They recorded several singles and two albums, and was number one on the charts two times. This track is from the Swedish Radio show “Tonårskväll” (Teenage Night), probably broadcasted in 1965. The band plays a  cover, or as it was called at the time “plankning” (planking), on The Kinks song “I’m a hog for you baby”. Deejays was one of the best live bands you could see at the time in Sweden. Virtuosos on their instrument and with their British origin the vocals didn’t have the stumbling pronunciations. Deejays wasn’t alone to do Scandinavia as their new home for fame, Finland had The Renegades and Denmark The Red Squares. Today it’s only the drummer Erle Morgan who still lives in Sweden.

Jackie Fountains the gem of the periphery

This is Jackie Fountains with “Listen Girl” from 1966. Written by their singer Bob Yell who travelled through Europe from Yugoslavia and ended up in Gnesta, Sweden. Jackie Fountains first release was a reel-to-reel tape on Euphonic 1965. In 1966 they recorded two singles for Dollar Records.  The song “Listen Girl” wasn’t released until 1969 on the comedian M. Swingberg’s LP “Spex + Pengar”. A song that contains all the influences that Bob had built up through countless club visits in Europe. Jackie Fountains played mostely folkpark gigs in Södermanland and at clubs in Stockholm, such as legendary Club Nette. Unfortunately the band is a forgotten gem from the peripherals of Swedish beat music. In 2004 the Swizz record company Feathered Apple Records gathered up Jackie Fountains complete works on a LP (FA-6505). A cultural achievement of great proportions!
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