The Most family

The Most, formed in 1966, came from Katrineholm and recorded one single for Nashville in 1967 with  “This is our family” and “Rag doll”. The A-side was written by Steampacket’s front man Mikael Ramel. It’s a great composition with similarities with The Who. The Most was pretty well known locals and did a lot of gigs in the middle of Sweden. They made success at a local pop contest that was supported by famous acts like Mascots and Steampacket. Maybe it was then they laid the ground for the Ramel/Most collaboration. The band also tried their luck abroad with a short tour in Germany. But the lack of money made them rapidly to go back home, just as many other Swedish bands at this time, for example Ramels own Steampacket (Read more about it here). This soundclip was made possible by the former Most guitarist and vocalist Bo Gylfe who kindly lent out his own copy. A song that has been in the shadows for too long, enjoy this rare release!


1 Response to “The Most family”

  1. 1 stefan e. asplund April 28, 2012 at 7:24 am

    WOW……………det här är en guldklimp som varit dold i popens mylla alltför länge. Underbar stämsång, borde finnas i varje samlares skivhylla!

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