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Bella and Me the Schwedischen Mädchen

Anna-Bella Munter and Gunnel Sandgren (Bella and Me) were two Swedish 17-year-old girls who left their native country for the UK to work as au pairs. Shortly they were recording a single (their first and the only one) with Columbia, only released in England: Whatever Happened To The 7-Day Week / Help Me Break This Habit (DB 8243, 1967). It was the summer of 1967. After that, one of the girls went back to Sweden, and this was the end for Bella and Me. Fortunately, we have this footage of the pair performing the song on German TV’s Beat Club.

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A fantastic triple with Panthers, Scarlet Ribbons and Teenagers

Here is a fantastic triple of rare television clips with The Panthers, Scarlet Ribbons and Teenagers.

First out is Panthers from Tallåsen with a cover on Chuck Berry’s “Memphis”. They started out as early as in 1962. They got them self a record deal with Polydor after winning a pop competition in Edsbyn. Between 1964 – 1966 they released five singles in Sweden and one EP in France. In 1967 they split up when most of the band members were called in to military service.

Scarlet Ribbons were formed in Norrköping, 1962. This clip is from the Swedish television program ”Fokus” where the problem of expensive music equipment and heavy debts was discussed with Scarlet Ribbons as a bad example. The group released two singles and one commercial flexi for Gusums Bruk AB where they tried to sell the new and original tie; the zipper-tie. Just as with The Panthers, Scarlet Ribbons ended their career in 1967.

Teenagers from Stockholm started playing in 1963. This clip is from Popside and the Tennagers are playing their self written ”I can hear them play”. Performing it on a rooftop with view over Hötorget in Stockholm. Teenagers released two singles on Columbia in 1966-1967.

The adventures of The Angeliques

The Angeliques is considered the first female pop-group in Göteborg. The name is taken from Angelique (original Angélique), a series of 13 French historical adventure books (and films) by the novelist duo Anne and Serge Golon (Sergeanne Golon), .

The group was formed in Högsbotorp, Göteborg in 1965 but it was not until 1968 that they released their first single (in Swedish): Jag Ska Måla Hela Världen Lilla Mamma / Tre Små Flickor (Cupol CS 231). They released their second (and last) single the same year (this time in English): Sunshine Boy / You’re Easy To Love (Nashville NS 867). This record charted #15 at Tio i Topp (Swedish Top Singles-chart).

The Angeliques were Linda Nowitt (vcl/gtr), Irene Svensson (bs) and Titti Thysell (keys/vcl). They split up in 1971.

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