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From England / Stockholm

All releases with * as Johnny Vallons and The Deejays
Wonderous Place / Satchas Tune (Swe-Disc, SWES1004)
Hello Josephine / Chase You Round (Swe-Disc, SWES1011)

Cuddle Up / Route 66 (Swe-Disc, SWES1040)
All Right / My Little Girl (Swe-Disc, SWES1049)
New Orleans (live) / Come On Home To Me (Swe-Disc, SWES1104)
Long Tall Shorty / I Can Tell (Polydor, NH10980)
Farmer John / I Just Can’t Go To Sleep (Polydor, NH10983)
Blackeyed Woman / I’m A Hog For You Baby (Polydor, NH10989)
You Must Be Joking / Loneliness (Polydor, NH10996)
Coming On Strong / Dimples (Polydor, NH59705)
Jag Vill Inte Ha Nå’n Annan Än Dej / Tequila (Polydor, NH59710)
Surrender / Hooked (Polydor, NH59714)
Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah / Bama-Lama-Lou  (Polydor, NH59723)
Dum Dum (Marble Breaks And Iron bends) / Fever (Withdrawn, Hep House, HS01)
Dum Dum (Marble Breaks And Iron bends) / Pictrue Of You (Hep House, HS01)
Fever / Hey, Baby (New version of Fever, Polydor, NH59731)
1967 Somewhere My Love / It’s Gonna Work Out Fine (Hep House, HS06)
1967 Baby Talk / I’ll Never Get Over You (Hep House, HS07)
1967 Bombom / In The Midnight Hour (Hep House, HS17)
1967 Bam Bam / Gör Det Inte (Swedish version, Hep House, HS20)
1967 Bam Bam / I Need You (English version, Hep House, HS21)
1967 Working Out Fine / Love Me (Hep House, HS26)
1968 He’s In Town / Come To Me (Hep House, HS33)
1968 Incrowd Hangout / Please Don’t Criticize (Advertising record for a hairdressing salon, Swe-Disc, SWES1226)
1968 Sing, Sing, Sing / Blueberry Hill (Label misstyped as “Sing Our Song”, Polydor, NH59761)
1968 Natasja / Far Away Place (Play records, SP01)

Wonderous Place / Helloh Josephine / All Right / Satchas Tune / Chase You ‘Round / My Little Girl (Swe-Disc, SIXP6001)

*1964 Non-Stop Show At Kingside (Live)  (Swe-Disc, SWELP8)
Deejays  (Polydor, LPHM46254)
Haze (Hep House, HLP02)

Buzz Nelson (aka Pano Osman)– Bass (born)  Chris Liddiard – Vocals (born) Clive Sands (aka Sarstedt)– Vocals (born) Derek Skinner – Drums (born)  Erle Morgan– Drums (born)  John Murray – Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica (born ) John Watson – Drums (born) Johnny Vallons – Vocals, Guitar (born)  Pete Clinton (aka Chapman) – Guitar (born)
The original line-up.

Television and film appearances:


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Discover the music that hit the people of Sweden in the 1960s. It was coming from the ground, just like the name of the Lee Kings’ song, and it could be raw, explosive and damn good. Other times naive, childish and inferior copies of the British beat. It seems that every kid in the 1960′s was standing and beating on the guitar in a garage. Pretending to be Beatles or Stones, with a few exceptions that found their inspiration elsewhere. The lucky ones made a record deal and got out on the road to perform in clubs and stages all over this elongated country. So came the Summer of love and the music turned wilder, beat became psychedelic. This site tries to cover some of the beat and psych era in Sweden between 1964 – 1972. Writing and collecting what is possible. Almost like the beat fans did in scrapbooks full of admiraton, love and affection. Do you have something to contribute? Don’t hesitate to contact me.
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