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 From Kiruna

This is the Shanes discography only between 1964 – 1968
Gun Rider / Banzai (Odeon, SD5950)
Keep-A-Knockin’ / Come On Sally (Odeon, SD5968)
Let Me Show You Who I Am / Say You Want Me (Odeon, SD5969)
Georgia’s Back In Town / My Lover Baby (Columbia, DS2256)
I Don’t Want Your Love / Sweet Little Rock’ n’ Roller (Columbia, DS2264)
I Don’t Want Your Love / New Orleans (British release, Columbia, DB7601)
Crazy Country Hop / My New Yorker (Columbia, DS2271)
1965 Skinny Minnie / It’s Allright Babe (Columbia, DS2278)
1966 Blue Feeling / Break Down (Columbia, DS2295)
1966 I Don’t Care, Babe / I Like To Know (Columbia, DS2302)
1966 Hi-Lili, Hi-Lo / Dreamgirl (Columbia, DS2319)
1966 Can I Trust You / Like Before (Track A begins with an organ, Columbia, DS2327)
1966 Can I Trust You / Like Before (Track A begins with a piano, Columbia, DS2327)
1967 Chris-Craft No.9 / Time (Columbia, DS2339)
1967 Save The Last Dance For Me / I’m Feeling Low-Down (Promo single printed in 500 ex. for the “SSSS Shanes!” album, Columbia, DS2345)
1967 Drip-Drop / One Way To Love (Columbia, DS2346)
1967 Cara Mia / Without Your Love (Columbia, DS2355)
1967 Save The Last Dance For Me / Talkin’ To Myself (Columbia, DS2359)
1967 Extra Kick!!! / No-Nox (Advertising record for Gulf, Gulf, 1)
1968 Faces, faces / It’s No Use (Columbia, DS2383)
1968 Friday Kind Of Monday / Bound For Nowhere (Columbia, DS2397)

1965 Shanes-Moonlighters live! (Colombia, SEGS138)
Let Me Tell Yah / You Gotta Tell Me / Too Much For Me / I Wanna Go Bowlin’ (Colombia, SEGS147)


1964 Let Us Show You (Colombia, SSX1011)
1965 The Shanegang (Colombia, SSX1020)
1966 Shanes Again! (Colombia, SSX1022)
1967 SSSS Shanes! (Colombia, SSX1026)
1967 Shanes VI (Colombia, SSX1030)

Kit Sundqvist – Organ, Piano, Vocals (Born June 21, 1948) Lennart Grahn – Vocals (Born November 10, 1946) Rolf Carvenius – Brass (Born December 19, 1941) *Staffan Berggren – Guitar, Vocals (Born April 1, 1945) *Svante Elfgren – Bass (Born January 8, 1945) *Tommy Wåhlberg – Guitar, Vocals  (Born November 13, 1946) *Tor-Erik Rautio – Drums (Born June 17, 1945)
*The original line-up

Television and film appearances:
Idol-Paraden, 1965 (Movie)
Åsa-Nisse Slår Till by Bengt Palm, 1965 (Movie)

Shanes : fyra dygn med ett popband by Eric M Nilsson, SVT1, 1965-11-20 (TV)
Drra På – En Kul Grej På Väg Till Götet
by Hasse Wallman, 1967 (Movie)


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  1. 1 Rolf Boström August 1, 2013 at 5:47 pm

    There was at least one more single by The Shanes, released in 1968. “Hej fröken sommar” – “Kasta dina sorger”. “Hej fröken sommar” was a Swedish version of The Beatles’ “Lady Madonna”.

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