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From Göteborg

Sleep Little Girl / Tell Me You’re Mine (Platina, PA102)
I Should Be Glad / I Cry (Platina, PA103)
Don’t Turn Your Back / Hound Dog  (Version I, Platina, PA104)
1965 Don’t Turn Your Back / Hound Dog  (Version II, Platina, PA104)
The One For You / I Got My Mojo Working (Platina, PA105)
Bloodhound / Whatcha Gonna Do About It (Platina, PA109)
Soo Many Girls / I’m Mad (Platina,  PA115)
I’ll Be Doggone / Hitch Hike (Platina, PA121)
1966 In My Dreams / Leaving Here (Platina, PA122)
1966 Crazy ‘Bout My Baby / Go (Platina, PA125)
1966 Miss Mac Baren / Get Up An’ Get Goin’  (Platina, PA130)
1967 Secret Room / Friday On My Mind  (Platina, PA131)
1967 Every Raindrop Means A Lot / Look What You Get  (Parlophone, SD6004)
1967 Gone Too Far / Understanding  (Platina, PA134)
1967 One Red, One Yellow, One Blue / True Fine Woman  (Platina, PA139)
1967 Dancing In The Street / Those Rumours (Platina, PA141)
1967 I’m Going Out / Fuzzy Patterns (Parlophone, SD6005)
1967 She’s Having A Baby Now / Sister’s Got A Boyfriend (Parlophone, SD6009)
1967 Mohair Sam / Ride Your Pony (Platina, PA145)
1967 Treat Her Like A Lady / Wanting (Parlophone, SD6011)
1968 There’s A Blind Man Playin’ Fiddle In The Street / Like A Woman (Parlophone, SD6024)
1968 Doctor Feel-Good / Dimples (Platina, PA149)
1968 Fantasy Island / To Be Free (Parlophone, SD6036)
1968 I Read You Like An Open Book / Halcyon Fays (Parlophone, SD6054)

1965 Dont Turn You’re Back + 3 (Platina, PAEP2001)
Sleep Little Girl + 3 (Platina, PAEP2002)
Tages Hits Vol.1 (Platina, PAEP2005)
Tages Hits Vol.2 (Platina, PAEP2006)
Tages Hits Vol.3 (Platina, PAEP2007)


1965 Tages (Platina, PALP3001)
1966 Tages 2 (Platina, PALP3002)
1966 Extra Extra (Platina, PALP3003)
1967 Contrast (Parlophone, PMCS313)
1967 Studio (Parlophone, PMCS316)
1967 The Best Of Tages (Platina, PALP3005)
1968 Forget Him (Platina, PALP3007)
1969 Good Old Tages (Odeon, 4E054-34002)

Special Edition
1965 Hey Mama (Special Edition Single Sided Paper Flexi, Commercial for Värnamo Konfektions AB, RM4066)
1967 Tages Christmas Flexi Disc (Special Edition Fanclub Record Flexi
, RM4115)

Anders Töpel– Guitar, Vocals (Born January 16, 1947) Danne Larsson – Guitar, Organ, Vocals (Born January 11, 1948) Freddie Skantze – Drums (Born September 10, 1945) Göran Lagerberg – Vocals, Bass (Born September 20, 1947) Lasse Svensson – Drums (Born May 12, 1947) Tommy Blom – Vocals, Harmonica (Born Mars 3, 1947) Tommy Tausis – Drums, Vocals (Born Mars 22, 1946)

Television and film appearances:
Idol-Paraden, 1965 (Movie)
Popsan, 1966-10-07, SVT1 (TV)

Popsan, 1966-10-14, SVT1 (TV)
Popsan, 1966-10-21, SVT1 (TV)
Popsan, 1966-10-18, SVT1 (TV)
Popsan, 1966-11-18, SVT1 (TV)
Popside, 1967-07-09, SVT1 (TV)
Now Is The Hour: Ett Timmen-Collage, 1968-04-19, SVT1 (TV)
Dalmania: En Fantasisvit, 1968-05-31, SVT1 (TV)


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Discover the music that hit the people of Sweden in the 1960s. It was coming from the ground, just like the name of the Lee Kings’ song, and it could be raw, explosive and damn good. Other times naive, childish and inferior copies of the British beat. It seems that every kid in the 1960′s was standing and beating on the guitar in a garage. Pretending to be Beatles or Stones, with a few exceptions that found their inspiration elsewhere. The lucky ones made a record deal and got out on the road to perform in clubs and stages all over this elongated country. So came the Summer of love and the music turned wilder, beat became psychedelic. This site tries to cover some of the beat and psych era in Sweden between 1964 – 1972. Writing and collecting what is possible. Almost like the beat fans did in scrapbooks full of admiraton, love and affection. Do you have something to contribute? Don’t hesitate to contact me.
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