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2 x Grapes Of Wrath

Deserter USA (1969) Two songs from the only recording ever done by Grapes Of Wrath. A well sought after EP, and the soundtrack to Lars Lamberts movie Deserter U.S.A, with the future famous musicians  Janne Schaffer on guitar and Ola Brunkert on drums. “Pi” was written by Schaffer and “Tell Me The Reason” by the  saxophonist Christer Eklund  and Schaffer together.


A freakbeat masterpiece by The Cherry Stones

ImageOne of best recordings from the swedish beat era was actually done in West Germany in 1966. Cherry Stones from Stockholm had been touring in Germany for a while and the group was joined by the brittish musicians Bob Weston, Andy Mowbray and John Sze. The cherrystonesskaparsnabbarespelstillater one playing the astonishing powerful rhythm. “The Thing’s She Says”, originally by The In Crowd, came as the B-side to the more melancholic “What’s The Matter Baby”. Click the article to the left to read (in Swedish) about how the band created a more rapid sound. Enjoy this freakbeat masterpiece!

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Tube Treasures #15 Tages Dalamania

Tages in their prime! “Dalamania: En Fantasisvit” (Dalamania: A Fantasy Suite) was directed by Peter Goldman who had been the guy behind Beatles groundbreaking promotional films for “Penny Lane” and “Strawberry Fields Forever”. The Dalamania show was broadcasted in Swedens only televisions channel at the time, SVT 1, showing Tages as the first pop act trying to merge the new psychedelic sounds with traditional Swedish folk music.

Tube Treasures #14 Hansson & Karlsson at Popside

The legendary performance by Hansson & Karlsson in the Swedish television show Popside in 1967.

In memory of Thomas Mera Gartz

Thomas Mera Gartz, drummer in Träd, Gräs och Stenar, Pärson Sound, Mecki Mark Men, Harvester and International Harvester, has died at the age of 68. An amazing musician and human being is gone, leaving us in great loss. Thomas was a fantastic source of inspiration and with a heart with room for all. An innovator and discoverer in his music, a drumming shaman.

Below is an article from Dagen Nyheter July 23th , 1967. Thomas was then playing with both Mecki Mark Men and Pärson Sound, two bands that revolutionized the swedish sound forever.

The X in Rabatt

This is some really obscure heavy psych. And just like the band Drugs no one seems to know who those three guys in Rabatt were and where they came from. If someone knows anything about the band, please tell us! A beautiful instrumental song which grope forward and almost gets lost when an amazing echoing fuzzy guitar breaks loose.


Mecki Mark Men invokes the belief of an entirety

There is no need for a second introduction for this Swedish super group; Mecki Mark Men. But here is some rare footage of the band acting to two of their absolut best songs “Running In The Summer Night” and “The Life Cycle: Being Is More Than Life”. This was broadcasted in the Swedish television show Kram: Tema Att Lyssna (Hug: Theme To Listen) Mars 31, 1969. “Being Is More Than Life”, written by Kenny Håkansson, is one of those fantastic songs that make all of your senses shiver and invokes the belief of an entirety. The film sequences with rapid zooming of winter landscapes from above along with the band sitting in meditation is among the best music videos that Swedish Television did in the 60s. Free from slapsticks and burlesque which otherwise was so common during the decade.

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Discover the music that hit the people of Sweden in the 1960s. It was coming from the ground, just like the name of the Lee Kings’ song, and it could be raw, explosive and damn good. Other times naive, childish and inferior copies of the British beat. It seems that every kid in the 1960′s was standing and beating on the guitar in a garage. Pretending to be Beatles or Stones, with a few exceptions that found their inspiration elsewhere. The lucky ones made a record deal and got out on the road to perform in clubs and stages all over this elongated country. So came the Summer of love and the music turned wilder, beat became psychedelic. This site tries to cover some of the beat and psych era in Sweden between 1964 – 1972. Writing and collecting what is possible. Almost like the beat fans did in scrapbooks full of admiraton, love and affection. Do you have something to contribute? Don’t hesitate to contact me.
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