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Tube Treasures #3: Mecki Mark Men

In 1967 T-Boones became Baby Grandmothers, with Kenny Håkansson on guitar, Pelle Ekman on drums and Bella Ferlin on bass. A short-lived trio who recorded one rare single in Finland. Soon they teamed up with the organist Mecki Bodemark and took over the name Mecki Mark Men. Mecki Bodemark had allready recorded one self titled LP (Philips, 1967), including Thomas Mera Gartz from Pärson Sound on drums. The new line-up, a mixture between Baby Grandmothers and Mecki Mark Men, recorded two LPs Running in the summernight (Limelight, 1969) and Marathon (Sonet, 1971). And was the first Swedish psych/progressive group to try their wings in the states. The performance below is recorded right after the band came home from that tour. Its recorded at Stockholmsterassen in 1970. Amazing stuff!


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