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Sleepstones; one minute of the same old thing

It’s not many clips from the Swedish beat era that have the same intense feeling as this one. It’s just like if you’re standing there at the club (like the T-Boones song) as the clothes tightens around your body with sweat. A young Janne Schaffer drips his chords  at the same time as Ted Åström wander with his eyes over the crowd like if there was no tomorrow. Hopefully, someday, the whole session will be found…


Sleepstones with a nameloser

Sleepstones with their version of The Yardbirds “I Ain’t Got You”. Recorded live for the Swedish Radio show “En poppig halvtimme” (A poppish half hour) and probably broadcasted in 1966. At this time the guitarist, Janne Schaffer, was doing his military service and was replaced by Johnny Andersson from the Namelosers. You can hear Johnny’s fuzzy guitar shaking every inch at Studio 2 in the Swedish Radio house. Sleepstones was formed as early as in 1962, but the band we can hear from this live performance has no original Sleepstones member in the set-up. But still, this is the most famous band setting with Ted Åström, P-O Alm, Per Sahlberg, Hans Lundqvist and Janne Schaffer, except that he’s been replaced by Andersson for this gig. The band did five singles before they changed their name to Attractions after some problems with their manager. Before that they had been on the Swedish chart at two times and released some of the most intresting songs of the time, for example the self-composed “It’s the same old thing”.

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